Spring Web MVC – Spring Web Flow – JasperReports – Source Code



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Dear Java Developers:

Finally the expected source code for the tutorial

Spring Web MVC – Spring Web Flow Working With JasperReports

I apologize for the huge delay in share this source code, the reasons was firstly my hard disk crash that happen more of one year ago with the desperate evacuation of almost more of 320GB on work and information in many DVD. Second, the storm of work. Sadly yet the source code and second part tutorial about sub reports are in somewhere.

Note 01: Be aware and recall that in the tutorial exists many images about the project tree structure, explicitly exists one image about the lib directory/folder, where the follow jar file commons-logging.jar not appear in the jar list, therefore now I am including in the source code the missing jar file, where was downloaded from SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository but under this new alias name file com.springsource.org.apache.commons.logging-1.1.1.jar, the rest of the source code remains unchanged.

Note 02: For security reasons by WordPress any file ending with some extension like .zip .rar .war has not permission to be upload in its server. Therefore to handle this, I changed the file extension springjasperreports.war to springjasperreports.pdf. Then be sure to only download the pdf file in your home computer and proceed then to change the extension to .war. Do not let your Web Browser call and execute the Adobe Reader

source code

Free will to share my source code, I only ask for one favor, keep the author’s reference information (me), I hope this source code be useful to you in your projects. Free will to write your comments below.

My Best Regards

-Manuel Jordan (dr_pompeii)


15 thoughts on “Spring Web MVC – Spring Web Flow – JasperReports – Source Code

  1. 1) It was impossible to downlod the source code. mainly because it is a .pdf file
    instead of a .zip or .rar

    2) Where is the second part of the tutorial on subreport concern?

    3) Wouldn’t it be better to have built the code with maven instead?

    Anyway, thank you for the article and your kindness.

  2. Hello Kwame

    1) Read the ‘Note 02’ above
    2) Lost in some DVD, I don’t have time to re create it
    3) Perhaps better with maven, but I like my own version, furthermore I did this work in 2008, I learned maven in 2009, and doesn’t matter if were developed with maven or not, the code work

    >>Anyway, thank you for the article and your kindness.
    You are welcome

    Best Regards


  3. Hi jordan,

    Thanks for the tutorial i was looking kinda same to integrate jasper reports with Spring.

    Unfortunately am unable to download the source code could you please mail me If you can.



  4. hello manuel….
    The report i generated is opened up in the same window…….

    When i click on getReport(button), i want to get my report to be opened in a new window…
    how can i say it from the controller to the view…….

    • Hello Rani

      >>When i click on getReport(button),
      >>i want to get my report to be opened in a new window…
      >>how can i say it from the controller to the view…….
      Mmmm, you could go to a new view-state saving some parameters before to do the transition to execute the report

      Even if is with a popup, I call a new controller which call the custom engine to generate the report, of course you should have a not submit button, I mean a simple button, when the click event trigger it should call a new window.open(…) sending your URL which should call your new controller

      Let me know your advance

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